Both Admin /staff can create, edit, and view a list of tests, Filter by a category, and skills.

A Test can be Active or Inactive

  • Active: means the test is ready and can be taken by the candidate.
  • Inactive: test not ready. To create a test you click on the create test button at the top right.
Create Test
  • Here you select your test type, add a title for the test, Duration (time), select category, and skill.
  • Select either active or inactive and also set the start and end time for the test.
  • When you are done click the Create button to create the test, it will redirect you to the test edit page where you can make changes and also include and exclude candidate from tests.
  • You can also click the edit button from the index page.
Edit Test

The Edit page has six tabs

  • Edit Test Details: here you can make changes to the test.
  • Included Candidates: here you see the list of candidates assigned to the test.
  • Excluded Candidates: list of candidates excluded from the test.
  • Invite new students: invite students who have not been registered using their emails.
  • Test Activation: Select either active or inactive.
  • Audit: The audit tab shows the information on who created/updated the test.

On the edit test details tab, you make your changes and click the save button to save the changes or cancel to return to the index page.

  • Send invites: sends the message to the candidate inviting him or her for the test.
  • Retake: Reset the test for the candidate if there are any issues.
Adding questions to a Test
  • First go to the test page after creating the test and click the edit button it will direct you to the test.
  • Edit page where you can add questions and edit the test.

On the test edit page you will find four buttons at the top right:

Test Question: you click on the test question button as shown in the diagram below and it will direct you to the Question bank page. Print: click the print button to print the test. Send invitation: you click on the button to send invitations to candidates are registered for the test. View Result: the result view will take you to the test page where you can view the entire candidate for this particular test.

Test Questions

Added questions: Here you will find all the questions added to the test.

Unadded questions: Here you will find all the questions not added to the test, click the add button on any of the questions to add the question.

  • Once you click it will move it the added question tab.
  • You can also sort the question by category and skills.
  • You can click edit if you want to edit the question and it will direct you to the question edit page where you can make your changes.

Bulk Upload Questions: Here you can bulk upload questions directly to the test.