The main page displays students. From here you can:

  • Search for students using the search box.
  • Print the student list.
  • Register a student.
  • Bulk register students.
  • See promoted students.
Register Student

It contains the First name, last name, sex, emails and phone number, programme and subject. A session refers to the year in which the programmes and subjects are being taken by the student. E.g if the student is being registered for a 2020/2021 programme year then the session will be 2020.

The session is what distinguishes students from taking the same program and subject.

Click create to save it and it will direct you to the edit page Where you can edit or create another student.

Depending on your setup the Registration ID is manually or automatically created. But the password is created automatically.

Bulk Upload
  • when you click “click here to download template”, the Student bulk upload downloads in excel format, go to your download folder to open the file.
  • Fill out the necessary information i.e. (first name, last name, e-mail) and save the file.
  • Go back to the Bulk upload page and click “choose file” to select the file and click “upload”.
  • When you click “upload”, and the page loads up then you get a success message that the import is successful;