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Candidate Assessments

Entrance exams, continuous assessments, mock exam testing.

Practice Tests

Individuals can select from our wide range of past questions.

Schools can integrate our test library with Edutest.

Entrance Exam Tests

Save your school time and money by quickly and efficiently carrying out Entrance exams.


Create quiz and interview tests.

Entrance Exam testing

Aptware allows schools to host entrance exams anytime, anywhere.

Continuous Assessment testing

Schools can continuously test and get immediate feedback on the progress of their candidates.

Mock Exam testing

Use Aptware to prepare your candidates for mock exams.

Question Bank

Aptware will allow you to centralize all questions and tests created by your teacher

Aptware makes conducting tests easy and marking of the tests very easy .The fact that the questions are randomly given by the computer, even if they sit close they are viewing different Questions.

You get the results as soon as the test is done, even from first in class till Last in Class   

  - Lekan Adeosun  Oxbridge Tutorial College

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