Why schools should adopt computer based testing for entrance exams

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Sunday, 07 October 2018 00:00

Why schools should adopt computer based testing for entrance exams

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Nigerian schools have come a long way with embracing technology. It has helped their staff to be more efficient, the teachers to be more productive, and has freed up more time for the Teachers to focus on what it is they are meant to do. Which is to effectively teach our leaders of tomorrow.


One of the pain points which Aptware seeks to address is the conducting of Entrance Examinations. Schools pay little attention to improving their process of conducting entrance examinations because this happens only a few times over the course of the year and over a few months.


However, in our experience, we find that staff who usually have to conduct these tests are usually inconvenienced by the fact that they have to do this during their holidays which is meant to be a time when teachers can spend quality time with their family and really rest from the yearlong gruelling teaching schedule.


These exams are paper based and result in long hours for teachers as they are constantly receiving candidates to test often resulting in errors in marking and wasted time in marking grading of results.

Aptware seeks to address all these issues by providing an online tool with which schools can accurately and efficiently conduct ent

rance exams. It also has the advantage of immediate feedback on results, grading, providing various reports and also acts as a cheap mechanism of data storage amongst other things. In addition, clients can also use Aptware to run continuous assessments throughout the school session too.


 One of our clients Oxbridge Tutorial College based in Lagos Nigeria; The leading sixth form college in Nigeria is reaping the benefits of this and according to the IT manager there, Lekan Adeosun, he says "Aptware makes conducting tests easy and marking of the tests very easy .The fact that the questions are randomly given by the computer, even if they sit close they are viewing different questions. You get the results as soon as the test is done, even from first in class till Last in class   "

Reach out to us today for a free demo to see how Aptware could make your school run more efficiently.

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