Quiz Platform for Education

A.I Enrolment

Saves time by automatically assigning candidates to tests.

Automate your marking and grading.

Edutest automatically marks tests, and grades test takers and generates results all within seconds!

Cheat Prevention

Test questions can be generated at random or ordered at random making it impossible for test takers sitting next to each other to cheat.

Improved Productivity

Time saved in setting questions, marking and inputting results for hundreds of candidates is cut dramatically and this allows test administrators to spend time on other productive activities.

Performance Evaluation

Test Creators can quickly evaluate the performance of test takers.

Storage Savings

Information will never be lost as compared to paper based testing where it is possible to lose scripts. Our database of questions will always be available and backed up.

Use Cases


Create quiz and interview tests.

Practice Tests

Create practice tests to sharpen Candidate skills

Candidate Assessments

Instantly assess candidate abilities.

Education Tests

Save your institution time and money by quickly and efficiently carrying out exams.